Rectangular reinforced concrete structure made of single or multiple cells for passage of fluid, usually storm water.

Precast concrete box culverts are one of the most versatile and cost effective pre-cast concrete products on the market today, meeting and exceeding the needs of a multitude of fast paced construction projects. Flexibility in design and ease of placement lead to cost savings across the board.

The uses for pre-cast concrete box culverts are endless. They can be used for underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges, stream culverts, material handling, utility storage, chimneys, vertical storage, watertight holding tanks and more.

T. NAGADI factory manufacturers offer a variety of standard box culverts as well as custom designs. Additional features can be added by us to meet the exact needs of any project: toe walls, manhole openings, headwalls, wing walls, pipe openings, V bottoms, keyed ends, sloped faced ends and water tight joints. Optional exterior coatings can also be applied at the plant reducing onsite construction. Pre-cast concrete box culverts can be produced with internal lining of HDPE / PVC as per requirment and any size limited only by transportation weight.

ASTM Specification C 1433, “Standard Specification for Manufacture of Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains and Sewers,” specifies design and manufacturing requirements to promote quality and durability.


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