We are equipped with most modern equipments in our quality control lab. Receiving Raw Materials until the Finished Products move out of the factory is controlled by strict quality control procedures as per applicable standards as well as ISO methods.

The below listed equipments are available with us for the testing of raw materials and finished products:

  1. Sieve analysis
  2. Drying and shrinkage oven
  3. Slump Test Cones & Devices
  4. Cube Moulds
  5. Cylinder Moulds
  6. Water Curing Tanks
  7. Crushing strength machine for cubes & cylinders
  8. Computerized Crushing strength machine for R. C. Pipes 3 Edge Bearing Tests
  9. Water Leakage Testing Devices for R. C. Pipes joints
  10. Spark Testers for HDPE / PE joint tests.

T. Nagadi factory is committed to quality management system set by ISO 9001/2008. Through an in-house central laboratory – fully equipped with calibrated equipments - Its quality control procedure extends to cover several working areas as : 
1- Incoming Raw Material :

  • 1-1 Aggregate :
    Sand and Gravel – Primarily tested frequently at the source of supply. Full analysis per ASTM C33. In addition, and on weekly basis, our laboratory technicians visually inspect and take samples carrying out sieve analysis to ensure proper gradation of supplied material.
  • 1-2 Cement :
    On monthly basis, unless otherwise notified, the suppliers provide laboratory test results conforming to ASTM C-150, as well as we carryout visual inspection of the supplied quantities.
  • 1-3 Water :
    Potable water is used in concrete batches, and subject to testing per ASTM C-94 on a semiannual basis.
  • 1-4 Additives :
    Chemical additives, such as retarders and plasticizers, are supplied from reputable and approved building material companies. Test certificates are provided conforming to ASTM C-494. The validity date and material viscosity are subject to daily visual inspection.
  • 1-5 Reinforcement :
    Cold drawn high grade steel are prepared to suit the cage machine feeding facilities. Coils and straight bars are checked first by weight on the weigh bridge. Diameters, deformation, appearance are reviewed visually and via proper measuring tools, to conform with ASTM 615. Normal high grade steel (Dia. 12 mm. and above) are measured by digital caliper and visually inspected. Test certificate are provided from the supplier on monthly basis.
  • 1-6 Liner materials :
    PVC, HDPE & GRP quality and dimension visually inspected and measured upon each delivery. Test certificates on scheduled intervals are received from suppliers conforming to relevant standards.
  • 1-7 Rubber Gasket :
    Dimensional review of the supplied cross sectional areas and cut length of the supplied gaskets for correct sizes per drawings. Hardness is checked by proper measuring tool. Test certificate in compliance with ASTM D-412 & D-2240 is provided from the supplier with each consignment.

2- Manufactured units :

  • 2-1 Concrete are subject to slump test during production, and sampled in cubes or cylinders for testing after 3, 7 &28 days per specification.
  • 2-2 R. C. Pipes are subject to 3-edge bearing tests. These tests are being carried out in-house by a computerized machine. Hydrostatic tests are carried out mechanically in the factory.
  • 2-3 Water leakage tests are applied to the water tight structures.