T. NAGADI PREFORMED CONCRETE GROUP OF FACTORIES (Riyadh, Al Kharj, Yanbu Al Nakhl & Tabuk) are the leading concrete products manufacturing group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The factory was established during 1977 and it is 100% owned by Shaikh Tarik Mohamed Ibrahim Nagadi. The factory has been licensed under the Saudi Arabian National Industries Protection & Encouragement regulations to produce all types of concrete products in Yanbu & Riyadh – Mainly, Lined & Non Lined Reinforced Concrete Pipes, Jacking Pipes, Sewer & Storm water Electrical & Telecommunication Manhole System, Box Culverts of different Sizes  – All Concrete Products Under One Roof! We are approved suppliers for the Governmental & Private Enterprises including Ministry of Water & Sewerage Authority / Ministry of Transportation / Baladiya / Ministry of Agriculture / Royal Commission / ARAMCO / STC & Mobily etc., Our factories have been upgraded to the latest technologies of concrete manufacturing and proud to say, that we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and member of Pipe Jacking Association – London. We have also technical collaboration with European Companies for the latest development in the industry. We also supplying our products to all the GCC countries meeting their specifications in addition we are covering our supplies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from our Plants in Riyadh & Yanbu. Further expansion is going on to cater the increasing demand in the market.

Over the coming years, we plan to invest further in sophisticated machineries, as we have a huge area to stock materials for the production and ample space to stock finished products at our plant. We also currently focusing on enhancing the quality of our products implementing Saudi and International standard.

We manufacture a wide range of concrete products in compliance with Saudi and international standards. We have a diverse product portfolio that includes reinforced concrete pipes ranging from 300 mm to 3,600 mm inner diameter, PVC/ PE (polyvinylchloride and polyethylene) and GRP (glass-reinforced polyester) lined reinforced concrete pipes (800 mm to 3,600 mm inner diameter), PVC/PE and GRP-lined jacking pipes (500 mm to 3,600 mm inner diameter) PVC/PE and GRP lined sewer manhole system, telecommunication manholes and hand holes, Electrical manhole systems and Box Culverts of different Sizes.

Our products have been exhibited in the Bauma 2007 (European Exhibition – Germany) through our Machine Manufacturer M/s Pedershaab A/s Denmark and we have received very good response and encouragement from the International Business Community related to our industry, who has visited our stand. In addition our participation in the BIG 5 Construction Exhibition in Dubai, U. A. E,Qatar build 2009 also was very successful and attracted the Middle East businessmen in our field of industry,

We are involved in the production and installation of fence wall panels; interlocking blocks and pavers in different shapes and colours, beautification products such as floor and cross walls, New Jersey road barriers and wheel stoppers, supply and installation of precast buildings and the construction of medium-size conventional commercial and residential buildings.

The factory’s high-quality products and dependable customer service, backed by technical collaboration with European companies, has helped us to participate in many projects within Saudi Arabia as well as in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar,Bahrain and Oman.

The Factories established in 1977 and are 100 per cent Saudi owned and staffed organization with a strength of 450 employees of different nationalities. Apart from its three production facilities, we have a sales office in Jeddah, as well as representation offices in the other parts of GCC countries. Our 33 Years of Experience along with continuous research and development in the field of Concrete Industry, with support from our international business associates and our dedicated experienced team, enabled us to maintain very good quality in our production. We are proud to say that we are the first in our industry meeting quality standards and international recognition and we are one of the leading group of concrete manufacturers in the Middle East.

Reason behind our growth is the strength of our customers, who had been supporting us since years, and the services of our team supporting our clients for the accomplishment of the projects on time, with minimal cost. We are thankful to all the Customers who had given us the support and also to our dedicated staff who had been with us since years providing services to our clients.


Tarik Mohamed Nagadi (President)